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10-22-2007, 10:10 AM
Hello there. My name is Nik ^_^ , and I have been natural since November of 2006. I just got fed up and cut off all the damned permed ends. I was natural for a great deal of time, but I fell for the lie that came on the cover of the perm box in the 5th grade, and my hair hadn&#39;t been right since. I realize that my hair was never meant to be permed in the first place. I have nappy hair (after looking at 4 different hair type chart), and the back just now reaches the end of my neck, and the front reachs past my nose. I keep it twisted most of the time because I actually had a reaction to synthetic braiding hair (and I used vinegar to take off some of the chemical), to no avail, and when I rocked an afro puff in the hospital, I got pulled aside and told it wasn&#39;t professional enough. :Angry: What do they know? I joined the website after lurking <_< for so long to meet new people, and learn how to take care of my natural hair.
My only regret is that I didn&#39;t find this out sooner. I think about where my hair could have been if I had just known about the site, and I just get so mad. :boohoo: If I knew how to really take care of my hair, how much longer and healthier it could have been. But, it&#39;s a new day, so here I am.
Currently, I am using Curls whipped cream, ORS gel on my twists (my hair HATED aloe gel), Trader Joe&#39;s nourish shampoo and conditioner (I was skeptical at first, but it really does work), and Curls quenched moisturizer everyday with water to stretch it. I have tried: KeraCare, Mizani, ORS, Profectiv, Jessicurl, Nature&#39;s Blessing, cheapie conditioners (my hair HATES Suave) and some upstarts. I tried to make my own conditioners, and that was a disaster. I want to use just one brand, and that is the one that worked for me so well a couple of years ago: Qhemet. By the time I remembered it worked, to log on, of course with my :Angry: luck, she&#39;s on hiatus. So, I have been counting down until November 1, when I can get my hands on it again. Money is not a question when it comes to taking care of myself physically, and that means from head to toe.
Thank you.

11-12-2007, 07:42 PM