View Full Version : Damn.she Fried My Hair :( I'm Crazy!

Flower princess
03-07-2008, 09:27 AM
Pls try to read all of the story...
I went to a salon today to do a DT and straighten it (coz i haven't gone to a salon or use heat for quite a long time and i wanted my 6yr old new growth to be more manageable)
After the DT she did in the hooded dryer with le kair (the temperature was too high),
she blow dried it immediately after rinsing the DT with about 3 types of combs (fine-medium-attachment comb) several times till it became really smooth and i could see the steam coming for the blow dryer .Than she parted my hair and added dax on my scalp & hair :(
When she was going to start straightening it i told her to add fantacia ic polisher too (and she added a small amount of it)Anyway to make the story short i've planned to do protein -hot oil treatments for the next week.The most worst is that she didn't use a heat protector
1.(do you think they are so stingy because the owner of the shop told them to do it for free for me?)
2.Also my hair smells like it have been burned what can i do?I really hope my natural hair has not been damage.
3.Do you think i should stop going there? (i believe so)
4.There isn't any salon for natural hair where i live so what should i do?

Thanks for reading all this:)

03-07-2008, 10:03 AM
As far as your #4 question, I think that is GREAT! Now you will have to figure out how to do your own hair...which may seem SCARY but it's really a great learning experience. I only go to the salon for a trim (I wash my hair at home after that). However, without this site I know I would be totally clueless. Read various forums, natural hair discussion; natural hair workshop; commercial/homemade products; and of course the transitioning forum. I promise you, you will get great ideas. Also, look through people's hair albums. Those are really helpful too. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

03-07-2008, 02:17 PM
<span style="font-family:arial">Hey girl! A rule of thumb here on NP is that they suggest not to use heat at all on your hair because it can damage your napps permanently. Even from blow drying. I wouldn&#39;t go to the salon anymore just because anything they can do there, you can do yourself and you can save some money too! I&#39;m sorry you had such a bad experience! :( It will be alright though!</span>

03-07-2008, 03:18 PM
Flower princess -- Welcome to Nappturality. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident with your hair. This web site is wonderful, it is a god send. There is a wealth of information contained in here. And the Sistahs here are so very knowledgeable. What ever questions you may have there are Sistahs here who can and who will answer your questions and walk you thru whatever crisis you are going thru. Trust me one of us or a whole lot of us are experiencing what you are going thru. You will get so much support here.

Good luck on your hair journey. Take care and stay strong.

Flower princess
03-08-2008, 04:54 AM
Thanks guys i don&#39;t know yet if my hair is damage till i wash it.Anyway i&#39;ve learned a lot of styles but unfortunately i can do them on my hair coz the sides and center look shorter and i can&#39;t see the back of my head.But I&#39;ll keep on trying.Thanks for being positive :)