View Full Version : I Should've Listened

03-07-2008, 08:01 PM
bout four months into my transition, i saw my new growth and loved, loved, loved the texture. Then my brother's wedding came up in August. I knew no one was going to approve of me walking down the aisle with my new found texture, so my sister flat ironed it. i thought, one straightening wouldn't hurt that much. Then I got kinky twists again, and my hair matted up. so my mom suggested that i get the creamy crack to get the knots out??? before i let that happen, i let the stylist straighten it with a flat flaming hot tool of hair torture. second time straightening it, not so bad. for a while i was accepting my natural hair, but those two straightenings had me begging for that straight look again. to make a long story short, i got a straight weave in my hair now. that means i have to continually straighten my hair so that the weave blends it. now instead of that beautiful texture i once had, it's all frizz in the front. so listen to those on nappturality. that hair may reverted back when we were kids, but its just going to frizz up now. stay nappy!