View Full Version : Anyone Here Start From A Twistout, Or Know Any1 Who Has?

04-10-2008, 05:36 PM
Hey Fellow Lockers!

I've started my second set of twists from a twistout. What I did was I did some big twists (did them wet with some setting lotion), separated them after a couple of days, and had a great twistout. I think the spacing and thickness is perfect for the size of locs I want (thick), although there are a few I may have to combine eventually.

I plan on semi-freeforming. I wont twist them, but I'll separate after each wash.

The reason I decided to start this way is because the first time around I had comb coils done by a loctitian, and I noticed that after I washed, they looked basically like an old twistout. My hair is very, very tightly coiled. I really wanted to start my locs myself this time, so I figured I could do the twistout thing and get the same results.

I'd really appreciate any advice, or if there is a thread on this, please point me to it. Pics would be awesome, thanks!