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    Default 5 out of 5 rating for Curlformers Curling Rods

    I tried these on my dripping wet hair. I used a light gel and small parts with the long and wide Curlformers. When I removed them the next day I had shiny, bouncy perfect banana curls that lasted for days and days. My hair looked like it had been professionally curled and shined with a heat appliance but without the damage. Over the week the curls got fluffier and bigger, shrinkage kicked in and I separated them into what ended up looking like a spiral twistout. These styles would be perfect for a formal or wedding style with lasting power.

    The only thing that I would advise is that you do NOT sleep in them. Mine were put in very tightly to the scalp which meant I had coils from the scalp, but as my hair dried it got tighter and tighter. Plus the curlformers are HARD and stiff and make a scratching noise when they rub against each other so it is pretty much impossible to sleep in them.

    Put them in in the morning and let them dry, then take them out the same day. You can sleep in a scarf and use pins to hold the style in over night with a little shea butter on the ends.

    Overall I highly recommend CurlFormers for non-heat and long lasting curls.

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    I've been wondering how they worked for you!!! Thanks! I want to try these next, just havent got over the sticker shock of the $69.00 yet...
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