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    Hi all,

    I just colored my hair w/ texture & tones "cherry wood" and I purchased "cholesterol w/ Ginseng".

    1)Has any body used this cholesterol & how did it work for you?
    2) Any good moisturizers for dyed hair?
    3) I no poo every few days but how often do I use the cholesterol?

    Home made and Commerical products are welcomed but i'll tell you what does/doesn't work for me:

    Not Work:
    -Oils (Olive, Castor, etc.)

    -FOTE does work but leaves my hair stiff when dry (I think it's a styling product).
    -Jojoba Oil (do I just rub it on the scalp or use it as a hot oil treatment? It tends to make my scalp a little dry for some reason)
    -Water (but I can't keep wetting it every 10 min. you know?)

    I have anti-product stubborn hair so anything helps

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    mistytea Guest


    I have color in my hair and I use Abba Nourishing, Kiehl's Leave in Conditioner with Panthenol Coconut & Sunscreen and Cocoshea Oil from For shine I use CD MHH.

    I alternate using Abba and Kiehl's for my leave in since I no-poo every other day.

    Warning.......Kiehls is expensive, but oh so worth it......

    ****If your hair is dry you need to do deep treatments, like mixing honey, coconut oil since your hair doesn't like olive oils with a conditioner and sit under a dryer or damp your hair at night and apply coconut oil with a essential oil and cover it with a plastic cap over night and the next morning do a no-poo.

    If you concentrate on doing that to your hair would it will start to feel better from the dryness.....


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