Hi you guys!! Well as ya all know I am a newbie. My question is what are your hair goals. EX: What lenght do you want your hair to be? If you have a goal please post a picture. Any Hair inspirations?

My hair inspiration is Shakira. I LOVE :wub: her hair!!! This is my goal: http://dailyblabber.ivillage.com/entertain...mys_SHakira.jpg

In want to reach this goal hopefully by next year or so. I know, you guys are probably saying, " You can't get that length in a year." But I think I can because I'm one month in and I have more than an inch of new growth. I think it's genetics because everyone in my family has long hair, and it grows fast. But anyway, please post a pic of your goal, and when you would like to achieve it.

xoxoxo Nappy is beautiful