Hey everyone,

I had a service performed at Tag Concepts Hair Salon in Buckhead on Wednesday (4/1). I was looking for someone to trim my ends and a Tag Concepts stylist, Gilda was referred to me.

I had my ends trimmed and my hair flat ironed. I won't discuss the specifics of the services because heat is a no-no on Nappturality and I respect that policy. But I was pleased with the result and how Gilda explained what she was doing while she was working on my hair. I also liked that she did not use a lot of styling products.

Gilda said that they primarily work with people who are transitioning, so I wanted to post about them here for those who are transitioning and want to go to a salon that will help them specifically with that process.

The services were pricey at $105 (but price is relative, right?), so be informed. The person I spoke with when I made my appointment was very nice and told me about the price before I got there, and the person who referred me told me as well, so I knew what I was getting into. It's a lot, but I'd rather pay more and do minimal damage to my hair than take a chance on someone for $60 and my hair dry out and break. Even two days later my hair is still soft and straight, and I have not used any heat. I just wrap it up at night in a scarf.

So the salon is Tag Concepts and the number is 404-816-5550. They have a website, but I don't have that address in front of me. The salon is located in the white building at the intersection of Peachtree and Pharr Roads in Buckhead.

-Cynthia aka Brown Girl :wub: