My name is Shauna and a week or two ago I decided to go natural. I really can't remember what I was doing to come to that decision. Probably sounds like an odd way to make such a choice, but after reading and reading all about natural black hair, seeing others' beautiful hair styles and textures, I just feel like this is what I really want and need to do.

I remember when I was young I had long and thick hair and my mother did a lot of cute hairstyles with it. I was also really tender headed, though, and haaated sitting down to get my hair done. Looking back, it was probably because she combed it dry and grease made my head feel so uncomfortable. Mom said at some point I begged her to relax it (I totally can't remember that), and so for years I've been getting my hair relaxed at least two or three times a year. That, plus occasional braids and lots of heat, and my growing apathy for my hair has left it short, really dry, and very thin (or maybe even bald, I think) on the right side of my head.

My last chemical fire cream was early July, so I guess about two months ago now, or almost. I don't even know why I got it. Once everything was all washed out, it felt very anti-climatic. Here I sat through this burning sensation and now my hair is...flat! I never cared for how it looked until about two weeks after getting relaxed, that's when my hair would start to thicken up again.

I also feel kinda bad 'cause a few weeks later my friend wanted to give me a make-over and used a hot iron on my hair. Now I know for sure, smoke = definitely bad!

I've never been a hair person since my mother stopped doing my hair for me (aside from giving me a touch up here and there--never went to a salon for one) so I guess I don't really have much to relearn about hair, but a lot of room to finally learn, understand, and love my hair. Now I see it's not just this stuff that's coming out my head that I need to brush into a pony tail and ignore the rest of the day. I am really excited to see what my hair is like-- my mother can't remember what it used to be like, and even her mother can't remember what hers was like! I am hoping one day I'll have thick, full, hair to wear in twist outs like I see those beautiful ladies on the subway do. And now when I spend the night at a friend's house I won't have to worry that there's no shower caps... water is good, and fun for hair!

Right now I have a weave in my hair so I can keep from fiddling with it. When I get it out (which might be sooner than I wanted, this thing is itching!) I'm going to have my hair trimmed and go back to experimenting with products. I wanted to transition until May, but I keep getting that ache to have everything cut off and wear a wig until I'm comfy with my TWA. I want to buy shea butter from that butters-n-bars website, but I also have my eyes on their other products, too. I keep reading ingredients now and really wanting to stay all natural, but does anyone know if their shampoos and spritz are really good? I'll probably try them anyway.

Sorry this intro was soooo long. I guess I need someone to yack to about my hair. My family and friends just don't understand me on my new hair issue, though no one's really been negative about it.

Very happy to have found this site. Such wonderful people are here! Thanks for listening.