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    Default A black person's hair is not as "good" as a white person's hair?

    I had this argument, I'm not even going to go into details about it and this idiot (I love em still).
    Anyways, they think that natural hair is "unprofessional" and that a white person's hair is "better" than a black person's hair.
    Ok this person's mind is so messed up, like you guys have no idea. I'm not trying to convince this person; however I do have a problem with them telling me that my hair is not professional because it's not "straight" and "sleek". This person came up with the scenario that if you got a child from Africa and a white child and watched how their hair grew, the white person's hair would grow and look better than the black child's hair.
    I was and still am so disgusted by this person, because I remember that when I was going to do my big chop, this was the same person who told me that my "black natural" hair, is not going to grow and they don't want to walk down the street with someone who "looks like a man". I don't understand this person, like for real guys.
    He has this idea that white and Indian hair is better than black hair.
    I'm explaining to him that you can't expect a black person to have natural hair that looks like a white person's because our hair does not grow straight and you can't expect to take care of your hair the way a white person does and expect your hair to come out great. (He used to have hair and literally did not do anything to it and always complained about how hard and unmanageable it was). And his reply was "maybe there's something wrong with black people's hair". This really disgusted me because this same person is the same person who was telling me that "mixed race people are the best looking people". I know for sure that he is very...(what's the word) confused and disturbed and probably hates that he is black (because of the fact that he's 1/4 indian and when he was growing his hair he used to say things like "i've got my dad's thick hair in the front" with disdain). How can you help someone so ignorant to the fact that they are close minded because it's impossible to agree to disagree with this person. It all boils down to them insulting my hair and my being black at the end; I was laughing the whole time they were insulting me but they were just getting even deeper into the insults. I know for a fact that he dislikes himself in one way or another and thinks for some reason because he's 1/4 indian he is "better"(I don't know for sure but that's the vibe I get from this person. Because he is quick to mention his mother is half indian and I believe from the little pschology lessons I received when I was in secondary school that people with low self perception pick on the littlelest most insignificant things and try to put power into them). I feel really hurt but at the same time sorry that he feels that all black hair is "unmanageable", "unprofessional" and that no one with an afro has ever won Miss world or any fashion/beauty contests. Gosh guys, there's so much I've put in there and so much i've left out but I know this person needs help, I know I can't give them the help(that's not my job, if i'm thinking correctly); but how on earth do you deal with someone who is like family and has this kind of attitude?
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