Has anybody found a correlation btwn products that worked on your relaxed hair vs. products that work on your natural hair? I have been relaxing for 23 years and always found that i had to use products like Nexus, Alter Ego, rusk etc. Products by Dark & Lovely and other companies geared to African American hair were too heavy. I know that my two hair textures are totally different now and will need totally different things but has anybody found any relationship in products? I.e. they could use the same brands maybe just a different type? My hair is so fickle and hair products are not cheap so I dont know where to start and dont want to spend years trying to get it right. I know that will discourage me.

So far I am trying Miss Jessies curly buttercream. it seems to be working ok but my edges still seem a little dry. The conditioner I use is thick so shoudl continue to work fo ra while. But I use an oily scalp shampoo by Alter Ego so that will have to change....not sure what to try though.