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Thread: Jersey Naturals

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    LadyIsis Guest

    Default Jersey Naturals

    I know this is last minute, but I wanted to invite anyone that is interested in meeting in NYC on April 26. There are a couple of us Nappturals from Jersey meeting in NY to hang out. Waiting on one other person to return from vacation to confirm time and place.
    If anyone is interested in meeting with us...let me know.
    Peace and One Love

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    newoman Guest


    I live in Central Jersey if you Jersey Nappturals get together in Jersey sometimes let me know. I hope you guys have a great time. :wink:

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    LadyIsis Guest


    Peace NeWoman,
    Okay...Would it be good for you to meet in Newark or any particular part of Jersey?...Let me know pm me okay and I will let the others know.

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    aymst1 Guest


    What about south jersey? I'm too far from NYC.

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    LadyIsis Guest


    I pm you aymst1 and nuwoman...

    We are meeting on Sat 4/26 at Justin\'s in around me to let me know if you want to join us so we can have the correct # to reserve for.>>>

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    Sistaheart Guest

    Default Awww Man!

    I\'m a Jersey natural BUT I am a softball coach and will be at the park most of Saturday. Well have a great time anyway! :wink:

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    LadyIsis Guest


    We will definitely do something next time in Jersey so more Jersey Naturals can come out...will keep you posted

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    Keepitnatural Guest


    North Jersey Here And I would Love to Attend If we Can All Meet Somewhere which would be a convenent Midpoint for all the Jersey Ladies to Meet up.

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    LadyIsis Guest


    We met up today and in up going to Negril in Chelsea area. It was really nice...when I get the hang of this tech stuff I will have pictures up. And thank you to the other sisters that are interested in meeting up in the future...don't forget to email me at
    Peace and One Love,

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    NappyNess Guest

    Default NJ Nappturals on YahooGroups

    Hi Ladies (and Gents too) !

    If you're stopping by and reside in NJ, please sign up for NJ Nappturals on yahoo. TheGroup home page is :

    There's not a lot of traffic there at the moment, as LadyIsis (aka nubianlox on nj nappturals) said, we had our first meeting April 26. We're all excited about meeting more naturals in NJ and signing up for the group is one way to accomplish that. Hopefully we'll be getting ready to set up our next meeting soon.

    Peace & Blessings :wink:

    Janessa aka NappyNess

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