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    Jewells Guest

    Default Any Sistas Suffering from Endometriosis

    I'm trying to get some information on this disease. Is anyone here suffering from this? Did you catch it early enough to not have to get surgery? What were your symptoms that drove you to the doctor? Thanks for any information that you can offer.

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    Jewells Guest



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    Tuey Guest


    Hi Jewells,

    I'm actually waiting to go in for a laparoscopy in order to determine if I have endo. I have suffered from abdominal pain for nearly 2 years now, and after various tests and thinking that maybe i'm just crazy, I have finally found a consultant who takes my pain seriously. Unfortunately, we have long waiting lists here in the UK, and I have to wait until May for the procedure.

    A really great site for related information is:


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    twistedmama Guest


    My best friend suffered with this until she went to a doctor to diagnose her. She went through the inital scarping of her uterus then the surgery that follows afterward. The doctors thought this would hinder her from having kids. But she & her dh have a healthy eight month old baby. I don't know if she will have any other kids though. :wink:


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    Jewells Guest


    Thanks ladies for posting. I was saying to myself, "All of these members and nobody has any info for me." Tuey, I will check out that site. Thanks again, ladies.

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    Monicurl Guest


    Hi Jewells,

    I sent you my reply via PM

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    jmnappy Guest


    I was experiencing symptoms of endometriosis before I got pregnant last year. These symptoms included very painful cramps, exteme bloating, painful intercourse, and stomach problems. I was calling in sick every month. After a few months, I decided to make an appt w/ my ob/gyn. By the time I got to the dr's office, I was pregnant and the symptoms disappeared.

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    redbutterfly Guest


    Yes the doctors did say that getting pregnant would help clear the endometriosis. These were exactly my symptoms including blood clotting:
    These symptoms included very painful cramps, exteme bloating, painful intercourse, and stomach problems.
    My cure was when I had my laparoscopy surgery, after that, all was normal and well with me. Also sometimes, it does hinder some woman from immediately getting pregnant but pregnancy does still occur with most woman.

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    Jewells Guest


    I have a lot of the same symptoms except painful cramps. I get cramps in my back that are bothersome, but not extremely painful. I guess the best thing for me to do is go to the doctor to find out for sure. Thanks ladies for respoding.

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    krazeenapps Guest


    Oh my GOODNESS!!!

    I've been going through a lot of pain for many years. When I got my first period, there were no problems whatsoever. No pain, smooth sailing. But the past few years have been really hard. So hard, that I welcome the stress I get that makes my period late. Every month, I start out with the most painful backaches and pain that seems to be right in my uterus. When I can relieve the pain in one area, it immediately switches to the other. Some days the pain even shoots down to my inner ankle so that I can't walk! If I don't take any painkillers, I get extremely nauseous and can't get out of bed. I even fainted once from the pain. I get severe blood clotting, too. My doctor has known about this, and she only presecribed me Vioxx. It says, take once a day for severe dysmenorrhea. Before reading the site Tuey recommended, I never really knew what dysmenorrhea meant! She never even entertained any ideas as to what it could be. Call her a pill-pusher, if you will.

    Ok, that was a little schpiel. I might have endometriosis, and I never did anything about it. My question is, if I've gotten pelvic exams and no one has said anything about abnormalities, does that mean that this really is just severe dysmenorrhea? Or is a pelvic exam not enough? Either way, I will be looking into this very soon.

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