Once again:

Recently, the moderation staff was alerted to a seemingly innocuous thread. Once again, some members engaged in sexually explicit talk i.e.,

"I used to love giving fellatio, but now it kind of grosses me out - don't know what that's all about... I usually fantasize about being with women when I touch myself (but, never black women!)"

For example purposes: Sexually explicit content includes (but is not limited to) use of sexual terms, slang, discussion of sexual positions, links to site with sexual content, and all sexual images. At this time it doesn't include female health discussions (anatomy, reporductive health, etc.) Whatever your personal opinion about this policy is, or its enforcement, respect it.

If you are looking for frank advice about your sex life, NP isn't the place to seek it.

Nappturality maintains a certian "rating", allowing a variety of ads to appear here, helping to support this site. This has been explained before, and members who have been here for a while should be aware of this. However, even if you weren't aware, Dee's rules posted clearly on every board, and the Life Management board should be enough.


Our second issue is that the staff was PMd about the thread after it reached 10 pages. None of the sexually explicit content was actually reported, just used as an example in a complaint. This is a huge board, with hundreds of new posts daily, and every post and thread will not be seen casually by a moderator. When you see rules being broken, or suspect that they are being broken, HIT THE REPORT BUTTON. It is an anonymous way to alert us. 9 times out of 10, the report is acted on.

If you don't report it, don't complain about lax moderation later. It is everyone's responsibility who cares about NP. We do our level best to keep up with everything here. Please help us out.

Deciding what constitutes something being inappropriate for NP is a mod call. We do our best to be clear.

So, this general warning will be visible for a while.

Posting privileges will be curtailed
for those that persist in sexually explicit discussion. We aren't going to allow NP to suffer so that a few can say anything they want.

If you have any questions about this post, PM a mod or Dee
. Do not start topics debating this policy on the board.