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Thread: DNA Testing 101

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    Default DNA Testing 101

    Okay, I am considering getting this done, but I'm not entirely sure what test to be done considering that my family has a lot of 1/2 siblings etc.

    My mom had 2 kids: me and my brother. My brother and me have different Dads. So, because of that I can only test my maternal linage right via mitocondria DNA?

    If I want to test my admixtures, I can test myself and my mom and due to basic math, figure what percentage I got her and what I got my from my father?

    My dad is deceased and I don't have a full sibling. I don't have contact with my other family members (they live 1/2 way across the world, plus we're estranged) so that side of my family is closed off? There is no way through my DNA to find out about my father's heritage?

    Also, I believe that my great-great grandmother may be Sefardic (Portuguese Jew), if that is passed down maternally, will a mitocondria dna test ONLY show that and NOT my African ancestry which represents a more significant part of my DNA?

    Man, I am trying to remember 1st year university anthropology, but I just can't ... LOL
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