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Three part question.

1. Braidlocks do look the easiest way to start locks, because when you wash them they won't unravel. So I'd like to know when will they get to the point to where you can't see the braid pattern? Would they get a rounded shape? What would be the way to retighten braidlocks?

2. The last time I had coils, and decided to wash them 90 percent of them came out. My hair was about 1.5 and I believe I used a gel, so I'd like to know which way would you recommend starting locks, two stranded, coils, braids, etc for hair that is between 1.5 to 2.5 inches.?

3. With all of these ways to start locks, I either hear that it's recommended to use some type of locking product, either wax or something else. Then on the flip side I hear people saying that wax is too weighty and should be avoided. So would it take longer to lock without product? Is it okay to rubberband the ends of it's strand/coil?

I like waxes to start... especially if your hair washes out too easily... I interlocked my braidlocks... but they don't loc they way normal locs look- they also come out very easily unless they are really small...