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    Its best to go on the assumption that everyone's hair experience is unique to them. What might take hours of detangling make take another person 30 minutes. Someone mentioned the example of having difficult children, well folks do not stop having children because other parents have a difficult child and all kids come from the same species - human beings. Yet because we share a ethnicity and hair texture in some cases - afrotextured, it seems we expect our hair maintenance to be exactly the same. What other area of life do we expect this? Do all overweight folks stop trying to lose weight because its a struggle for some? Of course not.
    I get the impression and (please correct me if I am wrong) that for some of us we are starting from the default position that napptural hair is a struggle (and I don't mean 'takes work' all hair care of whatever texture 'takes work'). When it comes to what napptural hair does or does not do leave all assumptions at the door, and work on the premise 'this is what MY napptural hair does' rather than 'this is what ALL napptural hair does.'
    That is why we on NP tell Transitioners the mental transition is as important as the physical one, coily hair texture is different (not better or worse just different) from wavy or straight hair, and all coily hair is not the same, these are the first lessons to get into one's head.
    So I don't think its a case of people are afraid to say anything, the assumption of the thread title is that we all hiding something negative to deter others when we went napptural lol
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