How can employers really trust each other when they check for job history and references???

I caught my supervisor telling a small group of folks in the hall to not talk about me to perspective employers. She told them, "Don't give Kurliez a reference if anyone calls for her." Currently and understandably, most of my coworkers are scared poohless and don't want to lose their jobs. The supervisor just happened turn her head, saw me, and said with a wide grin that I'm doing a great job on such and such and if I'm going to reconsider my notice. I know she knows I was there, but decided to play it off like I never heard what she just said.

Wow...a little two faced, ain't ya? I was thinking. I said, well, I'm going to go ahead on with my notice, but thanks though.

A couple of months ago, this same supervisor and her cronie assistant supervisor gave awesome raving reviews over the phones (yes, you can hear them down the hall even with the doors close 'cause they are that dang ghetto loud) about an employee that EVERYONE, and I mean truly EVERYONE, dislikes and CANNOT stand! For now, she will be referred to as BullyBish "BullyBish a hard worker! BullyBish's so good with people!" they said. Unfortunately, BullyBish is still with us.

BullyBish is loud and ghetto as hell bully, is a major slacker, never finished shyt, isn't pleasant to ANYONE, literally berates and degrades clients and coworkers out in the open, always seems to be PMSing and complainting, and blah blah blah. BullyBish has NUMEROUS complaints against her from me, coworkers, clients, and the board members! Yes, the freaking board members can't even stand her and we meet with them like a few times a year...if that. We all still have no clue why she isn't fired or laid off yet...she's been there as longer than I have, and still just doesn't get the job. The supervisor and assistant supervisor even admitted to me and complainted a few times to me that they don't like her and her attitude and don't even talk to her..unless they have to Do you folks see where I'm heading?

So why in the hell's kitchen don't I deserve a good reference (or one at all)? I gave good work. I have nothing but positive reviews in my record. My current employer is only going to get dates on me and not a reference.

I asked three of my coworkers if I can use them as references. Ms. Panicky McParanoid whom I've know for almost a year and we get together and talk together almost daily said, "NO! I don't know you well enough to give you a reference! I don't want to get in trouble!!!!" Uhm...a simple no would have been fine Ms. DesperateforattentionandcriesdailyoverthingsthatIa in'tthatserious said, "We'll...I think about it. Why are you leaving anyway?" Told this chica several times why over the months and it just don't click in. And with Ms. Idon'tknowwherethehellIamhalfthetime is a sweet older woman. I've worked with her for over a year too and talked to have almost everyday. She tells me about her kids and grand babies, her life, and I talk about myself to her. The only issue is that even though we talked every single day, she still don't know my name by heart. I swear ya'll, I don't know what to say. Every day, I'm either Kelly, Kassie, Karrie, Fiona, just randomness She genuinely doesn't remember my name, but she always knows my face. I have to remind her from time to time who I am. I asked her to be my reference and she said, yes, but I'm worried she won't remember my name after two days.

I'm going to ask other coworkers to be my professional references and ask to use their home numbers.

Anywho, I just don't get how employers can really trust other employers' references. I think too many employers are worried about applicants lying or covering up stuff instead of questioning how a coworker can work at this place for X number of years and with different titles (to show job promotions) and not get a good reference or a reference at all.
Your thoughts on my crazy encounters and on employers trusting other employers in general?

I can't wait to work at my new job in a couple of weeks. I'm tired of this trifflingness. I'm trying to do two jobs; a morning job and an evening job.