I ended up trying Moisture Balancing Conditioner because the store was sold out of Onesta Daily Conditioner, which gave me similar results to those described below.
Store staff told me that Onesta products sell out quickly. The price on both of these products is approximately $18 for 16 ounces.

I happened upon the Onesta product line a few months ago, while shopping for something to help with daily combing in the shower.
Evening twisting had fallen by the wayside during a very busy time at work; once I was done with the workday, I just wanted to rest.

I was looking for a product that is vegan, no animal testing, free of ingredients already publicized as harmful. The green + white + neutral label was a hint that this might be it.

The consistency is creamy but without a stiff/hint-of-wax feel.
I've been using it by working about 1/4 cup over my loose dry hair, then letting shower moisture help me get it distributed evenly, but not so much water that it gets washed off. A few minutes later, I use a comb with heavy, long, widely spaced teeth to comb my hair from the ends in sections, then rinse thoroughly, then squeeze out excess water.

The result has been very little morning hair loss: a few shed hairs daily, the occasional small mat, but no single-strand knots.
Afterward my hair needs only a bit of product, distributed by hand, and I'm done.