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My bf is going thru this now (she's 39yo) and is very frustrated! Her hubby is 42, morbidly obese with sleep apnea (latter undiagnosed since he refuses to see a physician) and has almost no sex drive. She complains she always has to initiate and when they get to the point of actually consummating (maybe once every couple months) she says "its horrible".
She is currently "talking" to a guy she used to work with and is at the point of cheating on her hubby. Keeps asking me for advice (I'm single, celibate, and satisfied lol...cant help her) so I figured I'd poll women going thru the same. She's been married about 7 years, with two kids (3yo and 2yo). She says she's always had a hi drive, and her hubby's was always lagging but has pretty much disappeared now.

Suggestions? I've already bought her a rabbit...but she says its not helping.

pS sorry to hijack, OP, I try not to intrude in this forum so I didnt want to start my own thread.

Very tough. I hope they find ways to work through this together.

My hubby works nights so I end up taking care of things myself a lot. It really just makes me want him more though. He'll be 46 in Feb and is still very young looking (he and our 24 year old get mistaken for brothers, often). He's healthy too, apparently, lol. Just not as interested anymore. I feel that he isn't attracted to me anymore...I guess after 30 years together and almost 25 of them married, it was bound to happen. He denies that notion the few times I've brought it up...but I still feel that way.