Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner is a great product! It's good as an after shampoo conditioner, deep-conditioner, and leave-in. It is super thick; sometimes so thick that it's hard to get the last of it out of the bottle. If you wish to co-wash with it, dilute it with water. It is an off-white, creamy conditioner. It's all-natural, I believe. It smells very good! It has a unique floral/herbal scent. Not at all perfumy like drugstore conditioners. You get 11 oz for $8-$9. If you have a lot of hair or go through conditioner like it's water, you may find it a bit expensive to keep on hand. I wouldn't say it has a ton of slip, but it really infuses moisture into the hair, and makes it soft.