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    Cool Re-Introduce myself

    Hi guys,

    I have been a member for a while but mostly lurking.
    Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the community.

    I have been natural 2 years I started dec 2010. Up until recently I wore my hair under wigs and braids. But lately I have been wearing buns and twists mainly to protect my ends. Twist outs dont come out looking good at all but oh well. So its mostly buns or twists which works for me since is too damn cold outside.
    My hair journey started off fine at the beginning then in year 2 my hair wasnt growing at the same rate as the previous. Now I am working on being more gentle with my hair and handling knots with more care instead of "ripping" them out. Im guessing my problem is that I dont know how to retain length.
    My hair length all around is about 8 inches and 6 in one spot where I had damage from a relaxer years ago. Im thinking i should have more according to the ol 6 inches a year model. Right?
    I'm not really a product junkie. Right now I use 2 shea moisture products but use mostly oils and EE's mixed with shea butter and shampoo with black soap. I do a protein treatment once a month using coconut milk or yogurt. I wouldnt say Im an all natural product person it just turned out that way :shrugs: My goal is to retain great lengths and thickness for a few years and then maybe think about sisterlocks.
    Glad to be here and cant wait to learn alot from everyone

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    I love the picture of your hair in the avatar! Welcome back home! Sounds like you are on a good path for yourself.
    If you aren't learning, then you aren't growin.

    "Your Nappy Hair is as Professional As You Are"
    How To Live Professional & Locked

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