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    Default Anyone ever used this Henna brand...


    The local Indian store has it in both red and black, and I was told that the black is actually indigo (which I want).

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    Default response...


    I've not used that brand so sorry unable to help you out there...but, I have purchased henna from mid east/indian stores and you always want to make certain the only ingredient for *henna* is: Lawsonia inermis...and if the product claims to be *indigo*, the only ingredient should be: Indigofera tinctoria (if not mistaken) must be very careful as some brands may not list all may believe you're buying a "pure" product but it may have additional "chemicals" unlisted. So, stick with reputable companies (which is still not always a guarantee). Also, make certain not expired. If there is no expiration date, I don't purchase.

    Sometimes henna comes in different "colors" - henna only produces one color and depending upon your current hair color will determine the end result shade. For example, when I initially henna'ed my hair sev years ago, it was over store bought boxed dye that was a med-light brown color. After henna'ing my hair, my color was a very pretty auburn/deep strawberry blonde with copper highlights b/c of the gray hair I have. At the beginning I henna'ed my hair 1x per week for sev months to deposit more and more color. You prob already know that henna does not lighten your hair. Imagine a black piece of paper with a red crayon drawn on it. At certain angles you may see the red. In the sunlight is when most henna color is noticeable. Otherwise, indoors hair may appear much darker.

    It's amazing when I'm in sunlight the numerous compliments I receive about my hair color. It's very natural looking...meaning unlike traditional hair color, no demarcation of color and new growth. I now only henna my middle part and edges every other week because that is the most visible when wearing my loose hair (and my grays are so prevalent). Sorry for the rant but I hope I helped...

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