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    Talking Sour Cream Hair Treatment

    I'm not sure if this counts as a review, or simply a homemade hair product, but yes, I've used sour cream in my hair. Technically this is a week late (I've already got my Greek yogurt, honey and overripe bananas ready for this weeks DC), but I'll still put it up here.

    Last week, I couldn't find my mayo, and I'd seen a video on youtube about sour cream on hair. I had only seen the thumbnail, but the idea stayed in the back of my head. When it came time to do my hair, all I had was sour cream, so I said "heck, why not".

    First I washed my hair with my Crece Pelo shampoo. It always leaves my hair super stripped, so I was praying that the sour cream would do something. I think I did my ACV rinse, and then the sour cream.

    I have to start: sour cream smells horrible. Seriously bad; when I've eaten it with onion dip it tastes good, but when it's going on your head, it smells like its name -_-;

    But, besides the smell, I immediately noticed how my hair soaked it up. I was weary about it touching my scalp, I'd seen Napptural85 talk about the smell of Greek yogurt lingering to the scalp, and I'd have been damned if the cream did that. I had a large container (the red and white, one, I think 16 oz), and I could have done two treatments to it. But I really have to say, my hair took to it, and I think I should have left it in for longer.

    Anyway, I left it on the rest of my shower, then it came time to rinse. Thank God I have a double shower head, and I could rinse it out without issues. I have to admit, my hair felt so soft. Usually after Crece Pelo, my hair and hands are squeaky clean, but with the sour cream, it was lovely.

    If I use sour cream again, I'll definitely mix it, and not use it straight. I'm not sure what I would mix it with, probably EVOO, and some of my Aussie Moist. I just thought I'd share my results with the ladies on here, in case you run out of conditioner, and have some on hand.
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