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    Default Hair loss due to seborrheic dermatitis

    I have been battling thinning edges due to seborrheic dermatitis for a couple years now. It's getting worse, and even the side that was once still thick and healthy is now thin, and the hair that does grow is brittle and dry.

    Is there anyone who has dealt with this, and found something natural that really helped? Right now I'm trying to cleanse my scalp more often, and I'm massaging my edges with a sulfur oil mixture a few times a week. Hopefully this will help, but I would love other suggestions from anyone who has had success in this area.

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    I have began using a mix of tee tree oil ,coconut oil ,and sweet orange oil(scent only). I would get the itchies really bad and have huge flakes with build up only in the front half of my head. The first few times I applied the tee tree oil(not the mix) straight onto the problem area. It did scale back the problem for a while, the last wash day however I decided to put the tee tree in my shampoo(Rhassoul Clay), then when I was finished washing and rinsing I massaged the mix into my scalp. I have gone 7 days without any itch or flakes. Also before I washed my hair I did clarify my scalp with acv and water mixture. HTH.
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