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I'm currently rotating between two Maybelline mascaras (Great Lash in Brownish Black and Full N' Soft in Brownish Black) and Ulta's Voluptuous Volume. I find myself reaching for the Great Lash the most. (Possibly due to the pink packaging catching my eye more). I don't see much difference in the three formulas, and I tend to curl my lashes or dust on some baby powder before I put on mascara. I would say my lashes are pretty normal in length, the mascaras I'm using now definitely elongate them.
My preferred combo for longer, voluminous lashes is currently L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and the Maybelline Full N Soft. I still curl my lashes or dust baby powder lightly when I remember to.

Along with the Full N Soft and Carbon Black, I've been testing out BeneFit's They're Real (the $10 tube). I'm not completely sold on They're Real though, and I'm not sure if I'll repurchase once I run out. It gives me that spidery look that I don't like. I've even put Carbon Black on top of They're Real, and my lashes still looked spidery.

I still like the Great Lash in brownish black for when I want to coat my lashes but still look not as made up. I also threw out the Ulta mascara once I finished the tube.