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I have absolutely no desire to befriend white people. My interactions with them haven't been the most positive or genuine. I recognize that I could be that common denominator but I am 1000% okay with that. I don't think my life would be better off because I have some white friends. My life is terrific the way it is and I don't personally feel the need to go out of my way to befriend someone who is within a racial group that benefited and continues to benefit from my and my ancestors' oppression.

Yes, I know race is just a social construct. However, I nor my ancestors constructed it. If white people don't like the fact that Black people don't want to deal with them based on the world they created and maintain, then they need to actively dismantle it.

There has been no point in history since our (Black people's) interaction with white people that we have benefited as a group. It is what is. I am not hateful towards anyone but really, how many times do we need to get bit to know that that dog bites?
I'm a late comer to this post but I totally understand where you are coming from. I pretty much feel the same way. I don't have white "friends" and I don't consider everyone I converse with as a "friend" in the first place. I see most people as aquaintances.....friends are special and I have never felt comfortable, like I could be myself totally around caucasion being. Like all of my counterparts, the experiences with these people have been less then admirable. Some of our people will try to erase the color line and the total history of our collective experience where white folk are concerned. I don't owe any white person a friendship or anything else. Shoot, I'm struggling to initiate and maintain friendships with my own sistahs! My focus for friendships is among my own community.

It makes sense that people are more comfortable and more apt to associate with people who are most like them...in our case Afro-Americans. I believe its the same for all other groups of people: Germans feel more apt to associate with each other, Nigerians with Nigerians and so forth. Language, culture, common history, etc.. tends to bind certain groups together and I don't feel that I am missing out on something just because I don't have an "white" friends! I can always have conversations with them!

Love your post, Urbanite!