THE POST-STANDARD/, Saturday 08/24/2013, has as its front-cover headline "Tubman No, Tully Yes"; regarding the recent Presidential tour through Central New York.
The story says President Obama was "just five minutes away up the street at the YMCA" but "spent a night in Auburn, NY without even driving by" Tubman House or Seward House.
It goes on to say that these stops were never said to be on the itinerary, but the community expected and prepared for a surprise visit; they'd had Secret Service visits before President Bill Clinton's tour, in 1999.
It also says that Harriet Tubman's great-great-grandniece, Pauline Copes Johnson, whose 86th birthday was Friday, 08/23/2013, hoped for a birthday visit.
The front cover photograph is of the President's surprise visit to Tully High School's girls' soccer practice on the morning of Friday, 08/23/2013.

I know that years ago, there was a battle in that area over a proposal to rename one of the public schools after Harriet Tubman.