Well, about four months ago - I began to curl my hair using rollers.

I start by wetting my hair, combing it through, oiling it (letting it sit for about an hour), and then curling it. Each individual bit of hair I curl, I moisten it up with some protein styling gel (the black one by Ampro), twist it, and then curl it frontwards.

It works well and ever since I've been doing that, my hair has grown, a LOT...

It usually took me 45 mins to an hour to finish the style a few months ago, now it takes me At Least an hour and 25 mins..it's a lot of work on my arms, which doesn't bother me too much to be honest.

This is how it looks like now, it used to be a bit shorter. :

But now my hair is longer now (a little longer than my neck when the curls are stretched out), and I'd really like to try out a new hairstyle!

I don't have anything fancy. The only things I have is shampoo, conditioner, oil, the protein styling gel I mentioned, curlers, and a hair dryer. What other styles can I try that looks a bit different than the one I currently have, but can be done with the materials I mentioned?