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    Default Styles for Short Hair?

    Hello All! I'm looking for a little help from other transitioners & those who are now completely natural that started off with short hair. I see a lot of people who start the transition with hair that is already pretty long [at least ... longer than my neck length hair]. If I could bun my hair I would do that in a heart beat, I like wearing my hair up.

    I haven't hit a rut just yet ... because I like my current go-to style [I use pillow rollers to help blend the two textures and kind of mimic a curly fro]. I just know I'm going to get tired of this look eventually & wanna get some advice on what styles are simple to do at home, set over night and last a couple of days.

    I'm not counting extensions either ... I plan to get twist extensions in the future but I really want style that will help me experiment with my hair too.


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    Default Re: Styles for Short Hair?

    I transitioned with two strand twist outs. What did you end up doing?
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