Hey ladies!

I'm currently in grad school and I'm really thinking of joining a sorority. It is something I've wanted to do for years (since I was a teen), but I took the long way through the education process (mommy, military,wife, war vet, now lifelong student). The university I attended for undergrad was a small private religious school that did not allow sororities, only "social clubs". I don't currently have any family members who are members of a sorority so I'm not sure of the process. My niece is pledging in the spring, but no help there. My older sister is trying to help but she's not a member or even currently trying to join.

I have been to the organizations website and I feel their purpose and vision falls in line with the person I am now. I am starting to volunteer in the community. I feel I am looking for a sense of sisterhood and like mindedness on a local AND international level. I live in a small town but have a major city 45min/1hr up the road.

Anyone join a sorority in this way? How was your experience, would you do it again? Are you treated differently because you didn't join in undergrad (wasn't an option for me)?

I'm going not to name the sorority here because I'm not sure how others would feel about me looking for info on their "sisters/org"

Thanx in advance.