Hello everyone,
I have been in transition to natural for about 9 months now. I have been having a very difficult time trying to figure out what styles work best for my hair/ face shape ect. I kind of big chopped in December ( hair was already short from previous short haircut that had grown out a bit) and although I loved the texture I have I am not completely confident enough to wear my hair in its natural state because of a HUGE permant bald spot I have in the top of my head from a childhood injury. So I started wearing box braids. I have had them in for about 4 months (I have replaced taken them down to retouch) and now I have decided since they look so good on me why would dread locks not look even better. Heres my question(s). Is it possible to start locs with the new growth I have with my box braids? I was thinking I could palm roll the new growth and start the locs and then cut the braids out once I got them to a length I feel comfortable with. Has anyone done this before? Would it be an effective way of starting the locs? I also would like to try and start them WITHOUT product to minimize buildup!.

please help!