I have small locs and they currently past my ears right now. So happy for my hang time lol.
The only problem I'm having now is some dryness and the face that my hair keeps falling out in the back
Hopefully I can have this problem resolved because I would hate to lose my locs I've had them for over a year now.

My daughter is in middle school now and luckily she is a lot more comfrotable with her natural hair then I was at her age. I think it helps that there are quite a few young ladies at her school who wear their hair natural. I saw a post about kids braids styles on the facebook page. I think I will try it for my daughter. Right now she keeps her hair mostly braided with an added bun or ponytail. I will be moving soon . So I can make homemade hair recipes for her and me.

Oh yea! I am currently taking classes towards my degree in Information Systems Security. Its taking me almost 3 years to almost get my AAS degree but I will continue untill I reach my goal