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    Quote Originally Posted by MommieDearest View Post
    *Unpopular opinion alert*

    I'm not upset with this couple for being upset that they got a mixed-race baby when they were expecting a white baby. If I were in a similar situation and got a mixed-race baby when I was expecting a black baby, I would certainly be disraught. I'm also not upset with their decision to sue the sperm bank because obviously someone dropped the ball.
    Yes to alladat.

    While I agree that this child should be with parents who want and love her unconditionally, I'm going to have to stay neutral on whether or not she should be given up for adoption. (WTBS if they are going to give her up it should be sooner rather than later).

    I have seen and know of too many families whose children were left to grow up in their homes, who, in my opinion, would have been better off growing up elsewhere. If every parent or set of parents were made to give up their children because they were less than ideal parents, we'd have a lot of orphans (or a lot of really happy adoptive parents).

    Yeah I said it.
    Revelation 21:4 - Psalm 51 - Psalm 121 - Ephesians
    (All words typed above are my experience and/or opinion, please feel free to agree or disagree....just please, do so without malice.)
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    Default Re: White Mother Sues Sperm Bank After Birth of Mixed-Race Daughter

    Quote Originally Posted by underthehood View Post
    I don't have time to comment/rant but I know this will be of interest to people here:

    White Mother Sues Sperm Bank After Birth of Mixed-Race Daughter

    draw your attention to this:

    "One of the coupleís concerns involves getting Paytonís hair done. It requires Cramblett to travel to a black community where she is 'not overtly welcome.'"

    I will say this though: I feel for the child more than anyone else. Sending prayers.
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