This thread is for writers to offer their finished book(s) for readers to review and for readers to volunteer their time to read and review books.

Here is how this works:-

Your book must be published (i.e. a completed work) and offered free of charge.

Clearly State:
- Title with synopsis of story
- Number of pages
- Genre
- Target Audience (childrens, YA, adult)
- Format (PDF, MOBI, PRC, TXT)
- Anything else you feel is necessary

You promise to read the book in a timely fashion and offer an honest review.

Clearly State:
- Which genres you are interest in reading
- Any limitations (i.e. length, adult only, heterosexual only etc)
- If you are willing to be a beta reader
- Anything else you feel is necessary

I will post once I'm published, in the meantime perhaps other authors & readers will find this useful.