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    Quote Originally Posted by LBellatrix View Post
    1) Thanks to Amazon, I have officially become that person who owns 6 bottles of one brand of conditioner: VO5 Free Me Freesia, one of the best pre-shampoo detanglers I've ever used, the only VO5 conditioner that's ever worked for me in ANY kind of way, and one that nobody within a 50-mile radius of my house has on their shelves. At $20 for the six we're talking about at least a 100 percent markup (?) but I'll take it.

    2) A woman who's always kind of side-eyed my hair saw my new haircut and her jaw literally dropped. Once she picked it up again, she was full of questions of the "how did you get it to do that?" variety. Me being the nicey-nice that I am, I told her. *shrug*

    Later I remembered how, when I was relaxed and living in Chicago, I would do what the magazines recommended and ask someone on the street where they got their hair done, and the answer always was, "My sister does it" or "My cousin does it" or some sort. Me being the nicety-nice-nice that I was back then, I assumed they were telling me the truth. It didn't occur to me until later (when I saw this in action and overheard other women say they'd done it too) that some of them might have withheld their stylist's real information on purpose. I don't know if I'll ever understand petty, small-minded women. What is the harm in sharing good information?
    1) You're definitely not alone in that. I have at least FOUR bottles of my favirite conditioner for the moment lined up. I'm slacking right now, though. I only have ONE bottle and wash day is fast approaching. =X

    2) Some women withold their stylist's info because what I'VE seen happen, is that you share the info, stylist gets more clients, STYLIST RAISES PRICES and you can't pay what you've always paid anymore. Or the stylist becomes too booked to see you at your usual and now you're on a wait list. Which is great for the stylist because a reference equals momey for them, but tends to be "scorched earth" for clients who EXPECT to always pay that one price all the time or keep their stylist to themselves. So yeah: it's petty. Part of me doesn't blame them, especially nowadays when literally any idiot can go get a certificate and still not know jack s***, but a good stylist deserves references (money), I agree.


    So I ended up shaping my hair in...late September, early October. I did it myself because I just couldn't make it to (let alone trust) Supercuts. A lot of people complimented the new trim/cut (of two or three inches), so I guess I did something right.

    Now to re-up on gel, leave in, and a cream based ster for those days I don't want to do anything.

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    Default Re: Napptural Thoughts Are The Randomest

    1) Another attempt at a twistout; another HAM. I had issues with my styles looking scalpy even before my hair started thinning; now it's not even worth the effort of fluffing and picking while still trying to maintain some kind of definition. Ended up rinsing it and picking it out with my fingers. I'm starting to think that if I ever decide to change my texture from my normal WNG/'fro state, I'm either going to (gasp) get some fake hair added or (double gasp) just flat-iron it.

    2) I still have all these long-hair tools -- hairbands, elastics, bobby pins, hairpins, etc. -- and for the first time in 20 years of being natural I'm seriously considering getting rid of all of them.
    Hello, 2021. Glad to see you. Hope you're bringing us goodness and light this year!

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