I'm a black male who currently has locs and will be cutting them off soon (tears). I've always had issues with the texture of my hair with it being thin and fine with a little coil to it. Cutting my locs will leave my between 1-2 inches in length of my hair. I'm looking for products and a regimen that will help my hair gain some thickness (as much as possible). I am aware that there isn't a permanent solution to obtaining thicker hair, but I have heard using castor oil/almond oils gives you varying results if used consistently. So if anyone with my type of hair texture has any experience with products and a regimen that they feel helped them or one that really didn't help them (as products can have different results for different people). I'm looking to curl my hair naturally using a curl sponge. So if anyone has any advice with using a curl sponge on thin/fine hair that would would be great! I new to this site and this is my first post. I'm fairly new to the natural hair product scene so I'm just looking to gain advice from various sources.