Hi everyone! I have a question regarding permanent hair color. I recently dyed my light copper red hair to black. I have 3b-3c texture, and I'm not sure if the texture will affect it what you recommend to fix my problem. A few months ago, around Jan-Feb, I dyed my hair red, but not on my whole head, only three-fourths of the way up, leaving my about 3-4 inches of my roots their natural brown-black color. The problem is the color I recently used to cover up the red which I thought would blend in with my natural color turned out to be a blue-black color, not a black with a brown undertone. I don't want to bleach my hair, because I'm afraid it'll ruin my natural hair texture. I don't have a problem with the fact that it's black, but will the blue undertone fade over time just leaving it as a neutral tone? If not, I've heard of multiple methods of lightening hair, such as vitamin C tablets, dandruff shampoo and baking soda. Thanks!