Hey guys,

I posted this in the help my hair forum and heard only crickets so Im going to try here!

I just chopped and combed out my dreads about 10 days ago. Prior to my dreads (12 years ago) i straightened my natural hair alot so I was super surprised to find that my hair is actually curly! Im still learning my hair and trying to find the right products. It gets incredibly frizzy and im having a hard time maintaining definition each day.

My regimen: wash once a week. I use Shea Moisture coconut hibiscus styling products, the high porosity shampoo and the jamaican castor oil mask. So far my hair likes the curling milk but the curl lasts a little bit better when i combine the curl smoothie witg the curl souffle gel. However i find that the souffle leaves my hair so sticky! Ick! Any recommendations on a good natural curl gel that doesnt leave flakes or stickiness ?

I wrap mu hair in a satin scarf but the next morning its so dry and the curls are flat amd lifeless. Any pointers on maintaini g curls without having to wet and slather on 3 different products each day?

I posted some hair photos to this fotki.


Does anyone have hair similar to mine? Id live to know what you do and what products you use. Methods?