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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Default Is this normal?

    Hi! I haven't posted recently. I've been more of a lurker lately! I've been in the process of locing for about a month now. I am just wondering about the baby locs at the nape of my neck. They've already tangled to a point where it wouldn't be quick and easy to take them down(unlike the rest of my hair). However, they've bunched up a lot and have little loops of hair sticking out in addition to coming loose just a bit at the root. Will the loops eventually incorporate into the loc or is that maybe a sign that I should use a different method for that area? Are they normal? Also, when I say bunching I don't mean normal shrinkage. More like the hair has tried to crawl out of the twist in places but hasn't quite succeeded-this is also the cause of the loops and it makes them more squiggle shaped versus just hanging straight down like the rest of my hair. Just in case this would be helpful info-that section of my hair is finer with a looser curl. As for the rest of my hair it still just looks like I have very fuzzy twists and the middle of some has started to mesh a bit, but the ends come undone sometimes. TIA!
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