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Thread: Walter Scott

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    Default Walter Scott

    The USA a country where while being filmed, a white cop can shoot a black man in the back, then plant a weapon on him and not be convicted.

    And due to recent events, the chances of the incoming racist, nationalist administration gutting civil rights and putting in place laws which allow for more of this type of thing are pretty good.

    The ugly underbelly of this country has been exposed and is now has power more than ever before. It holds power in the three branches of government without checks and balances.

    2017 has the potential to destroy everything parents and grandparents and their parents fought for. And I am truly afraid for America.
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    Default Re: Walter Scott

    I don't know how to react. I think the damage and progress is done/over/destroyed. It doesn't even matter why anymore. Id like to figure out a way to redirect my taxes, since public servants to do not protect my color, they kill us, cold blood, light of day, straight up murder, then handcuff us and murder us again, try us on the pavement, destroy our character by SM, then by video, run the real over and over, desensitize society to it, then acquit the killer. Same tired script over and over. We get murdered for daring to be alive. We get it.

    We are passed the tipping point, folks.It's time to stand or get off the bus and get run over. Choose your poison.

    What this nation better watch out for is more terrorism and terrorist groups popping up and aligning them selves with oppressed people. They are giving a whole lotta people no reason to live, so why not live with a purpose. The enemy is within these borders, no worry of infiltration. This election and these rulings are the stupidest thing of a country that values the idea of freedom and the facade of safety.
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