I want to get box braids installed next week, and I'm having trouble deciding on hair. Last time I had braids I had the X-Pressions hair used and I absolutely loved it because it was soft and light...but of course, there's no store anywhere near me that sells it, so I would have to get it online which isn't always reliable, quick, or as cheap due to high shipping costs.

My sister, who has her hair in braids all the time with very short rest breaks in between just got hers done with this Sassy hair and she says it's good, and it's half the price of the X-Pressions hair...it's also available at Sally's which is one of two places in town that sells braiding hair meaning I could get it now.

Which should I go with? My sister has never had the X-Pressions hair, but she has used a lot of different types since she's been wearing box braids forever...I mean years, and she has had an opinion about lots of them.