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    Default Starter Loc questions and concerns...

    Hello Everyone,

    Hope everyone is well. So I just started my loc journey on the 11th of Feb and I tell you I am already concerned. They look nice, but... They look nice as two strand twists. They are thin at the bottom on most of them because she braided them at the end to keep them unravelling. So basically its a two strand twist that turns into a braid at the bottom. I am curious as to whether this will even out when they start frizzing up, or how could I make it even it, will palm rolling do the trick?

    Also, My locs arent all the same size, Is there a trick to getting uniformity or is that something I have to live with? They are mostly in the front, the back looks pretty even.

    Another thing, when she first did them, my parts were all jacked up on the right side of my head, so I basically redid that whole side myself, and I'm just praying that I did it right. The parts look good now, she said she was twisting the hair to the right, so basically if I did it, that means I would be twisting forward right? I hope so...

    Just a little worried folks, I really hope that my hair will even out... I would post a picture but I guess I still can't.

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    Default Re: Starter Loc questions and concerns...

    Hello and welcome. Congratulations on starting your locks. Your hair IS still twists with braided bottoms for now. It takes time for them to change and they will look totally different.

    As for uneven sizes and parts, if you want them to be even, you will need to do that now before they lock. The sizes of the locks will NOT even out if they are started uneven (big lock, little lock will stay big lock, little lock.)

    The direction that you are twisting should remain uniform when you are doing a retwist of the new growth.

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