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    Default Does anyone else have a Hairproduct Potluck or is it just me?

    Hi! I did a few big chops these past 2 years. Currently, my hair is healthier and growing more than ever. When I'm running low on moisturizing/growth/oil products, I take all the organic and really good products that are running low and I make one new product (or 2) and I have a product to refill those new products when they start runing low. They usually smell sooooo good! And they work so well! Currently I have box-braids and I just made 3 new products out of 5 or 6 different products that work amazingly for my hair. They're my moisturizers now. I'm using my Carols Daughter Hair Milk and mixing it with the moisturizers when they run low. I'm not doing this because of financial issues, I'm doing it because when I test products and they work amazingly for my hair, I know they'll do good together. I wonder if I'm the only one who does this...
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