Hello! Currently Im growing my natural hair out. I cut it last summer because it had heat and bleach damage. Even though I cut my hair short, I still have straight heat damaged pieces that Im gradually trimming away. Cutting all of those straight pieces off would just make my hair length uneven.

This is my 3rd or 4th time going natural and this time will be the last. In the past I didnt know how to properly care for my natural hair (not moisterizing my hair, heat straightening) so I went back to chemicals which, along with heat, made my hair thin, dry and gave me tons of split ends with split ends and breakage.

This time around Im very happy with my progress. I havent used heat since May. I moisterize my hair every other day and I have few split ends. My natural hair is growing out nicely and I cant wait until I get rid of those heat damaged pieces for good!

Thanks for reading!