I'm sorry to say that I'm not a good budgeter. Once my bills are paid and I have money automatically diverted to savings the rest is mine to do what I want. I tend to purchase whatever I want on groceries. I like fresh so my groceries tend to be on the expensive side. I do look for bargains and sales though. I'm really cheap when it comes to paper goods and products so I'm always looking for that stuff on sale.

Try Jet.com for your paper goods. Free shipping after $35. Might as well have it delivered directly to your door. That might cut down on some impulse buying and gives you an opportunity to comparison shop as well.

In the wake of a layoff, which happened just before christmas, I cut the cable cord. I'm so proud of me. I have a Roku stick and I'm doing trial memberships to different channels/apps to see what combinations of programming will be best for me. I'm about to go with magic jack as well just to have a land line that is only $20 plus a year as opposed to $20 - $30 a month.

Right now, if it's not a necessity I ain't popping for it.