Hi ladies. Its been many years since I have been on this forum and I see a lot of great changes here. Anyhoo. I just want to say after 26 years of being a nappy, I finally got it. I got that no matter how much gel I put in my hair, it will not be curly. When my hair dries, its a wooly mass, it will not be separated ringlets. The hair doesn't like to be combed unless its wet. Perm it? It'll reject by breaking off and throwing the wooly mass. Curl it? In 2 hours its bushy. Heat straighten? It will break or turn back to wooly mass. Professional care??? If its not what the hair wants to do....fforget it. Instead of just saying I've had it, I'm allowing IT to dictate how it wants to look and be. Not me. The result is a big bushy wooly shiney mass which, hmm...actually looks quite sexy. Anyhoo. That is my testimony. Anyone have "aha" moments with their natural tresses???