You know, I did my big chop 8 years ago, and I remember the absurdity of things people would say and do but since its been several years that had mostly stopped. Well now that I have my starter locs, I'm experiencing the following phenomena that are a mixture of hilarious, annoying, and down right rude. Please feel free to add to this list!

-Hands in hair. Particularly hands other than YOURS. They are grabbing. Before they even ask. Like why are you touching me? Its white folks and black folks alike and im ready to cuss them allllll.

-Giving unsolicited opinions on my hairstyle of choice. Like their in, and my decision is made, so if you're not going to tell me how great they are, you can just not say anything. A select few of people have been like "oh but I like your other hair". But I never asked you.

-Did you cut your hair?!? We have to stop this. Especially black person to black person.

- White people in the office|
When my hair is straight "Ohhhhh I REALLY like your hair. It looks soooo good."
When my hair is natural *silence*
When I have a wig on " Ohhhhhh i Really like your hair. It looks sooo good.
When my hair is natural *silence*.
They don't understand how micro-aggresive their so called affirmations are. Don't only compliment me when im close to white. White aint right


Are people still pissing you off about your hair?