I've actually never had thickness around my edges and when I had microbraids, I started a bad habit: wearing a cotton headband at my hair line. Okay, microbraids can be a bad habit too if you let them put them in too tight, and I constantly allowed that and sometimes kept them in too long. My edges took a beating. I stopped wearing braids a long time ago and have pretty much stuck with two-strand twists and a twist out since then. That's worked for me as it suits my face, but my edges hate me.

I'm 50 now. Things have been REALLY stressful over the last year, and I started to notice a few weeks ago that my hair has peaked. It's not getting shorter, but I'm not getting any length. I've been natural now for years, so I know it's stress, aging, and having to be in survival mode (work stress and relationship stress, including a verbal abuse and a restraing order, and, most recently, surgery to fix a diabetic complication.) That relaxed mode I was in for awhile is going to take some time to come back, that's for sure.

A more relaxed mode includes stuff like regular Aphogee treatments. I swear by those and I can't even tell you the last time I did one or where the bottle is right now. I'm also using a temporary hair color to cover my greys: it's really all about age discrimination and not vanity. I like my greys as they're this shimmering silver. However, I'm in tech, which is very youth-focused. I can fly under the radar in most situations because I look like I'm in my 30s, but my grey hair does age me. I'm interviewing and age discrimination is just as real as race and gender discrimination. Therefore, I cover it up.

The fine (thin) hair, the length or lack of it now, and greys I can handle, but my hair line is now REALLY thin.

It used to just be on my left and right sides, but now it's also crept up to my crown. I started massaging Jamacian black castor oil on my edges weeks ago and now I'm also massaging the old into my crown. Pretty much all of my front hair line gets an oil massage before I go to sleep. That's helped a little bit, but I was also wearing those headbands all the time. I realized I had a complex about it because I KNOW my hair is thin, and the headbands hide it. However, the headbands also help to cause it.

Someone I know, who also does hair and who has offered a couple of times to do mine, said I should stop wearing them. I know she's right, so for the last two days, I've actually gone out into the wild with no headband! Yesterday, I had twists. Today, I found a good YouTube video (see below) about styling around damaged edges and got some inspiration. My hair has always been fine, so I had to improvise a bit, but I took her tip of just rolling my hair up off of my forehead giving it some height, and it was fine. It's not ideal, but it won't be ideal until my edges grow back in. that's going to take a few months if not longer. They're filling in but slowly.

Any tips? I tend to massage the Jamacian black castor oil into my edges at night. I just bought the type with peppermint oil in it because I've heard good things about peppermint stimulating growth. I also mixed some peppermint oil with coconut oil and use that during the day. I'm less consistent with that. I co-wash and twist with the peppermint JBCO and Curly Curl Cream by Taliah Waajid. I briefly went back to the Aveda Humectant Pomade; I used that for years because when I lived abroad it was easier to find than stuff like JBCO and black hair care products. That didn't work out. I'm sure with coloring my hair I need way more moisture than I used to, so I went back to JBCO and Waajid's product. I keep my hair mostly in twists. When I take the twists out, it's usually just for a few days.

I already make sure to have fruits and veggies. Even on a budget, you can eat a ton of fruit and veggies. I take a multivitamin for women my age and, because I have type 1 diabetes, I'm always getting blood draws, so I know I don't have any deficiencies either.

Anyway, I think I'm doing everything right, but tips are always good. Thanks in advance!