Man, I'm glad we have each other to brainstorm with as we travel through a new season. It's comforting. With that being said, I would HOPE aloe vera juice with follicle stimulating EOs could help? (pending they are not contraindicated with your meds). I applaud the courage it takes to deal with all of this and grateful for a place to share 'safe zone'. Dont forget that inflammation is our enemy in this season. Simple things like watching carb and sugar intake will work against us....#selfcare.

I have seen temples that were growing bald resurge recently.I've started 4 new locks. Ignoring them and watering them was my only difference. They grew so much i had to merge them with other locks (would of been more stress) or start new locks. I consistently took MSM and Calcium and a shot of aloevera juice with chlorophyll daily-for joint related issues. Resulted in hair growth. Maybe this will help??? Worth a try???